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(2007) YON GUMIX #3

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Karas Overture

I'm putting together a CD single, a fan tribute to Tatsunoko Production's Karas.
Here's a link to the music: Karas_Overture.mp3
Or drop by to myspace music!

Contour drawing with ballpoint pen and brushes on recycled cardboard.

Karas © Tatsunoko Productions


Laine said...

OMG i saw some of this anime, it is so EPICRIDICULOUS WTFFFFFFFFFF so freaking awesome.

Zid said...

Goddamnit Laine I keep on forgetting to do up a pixel art of your fat male otaku TT_TT

Oh yeah Karas is the badass I'm like transforming into jets and fast cars now just like him XD