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(2007) YON GUMIX #3

Monday, March 02, 2009

Capcom-a-day: Catch up

After finishing my one-month-worth "Darkstalkers Tribute" submission (sorry, y'all, can't show the pic publicly as respect to Udon and Capcom's rules of submission), I decided to do some catch-up on some of my things. No Pink Ponies will be updating soon and also... Capcom-A-Day!! Catch up time, I'm going to hopefully post 3 Capcom-A-Day everyday to catch up to current upcoming dates... here's hoping... and now, the first three...

Top to Bottom:

Capcom-A-Day: 25th December 2008: Chun li

Capcom-A-Day: 26th December 2008: Jill Valentine

Capcom-A-Day: 27th December 2008: Hsien Ko/Lei Lei

Hopefully, more coming soon.

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