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(2007) YON GUMIX #3

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm too lazy to sleep

Random redhead, or Mary Jane, or whoever. Apple fritters are good.


Zid said...

Mary Jane is hot and so is this but not Kirsten Dunst. (aaaa don't throw bricks at me!)

Somehow nampak mcm rendering marker.

Didn't mean to beat the dead horse but the Wii contest is fucked up yo.

Ko nak onion kaler ape and nak with glasses or not? Hehehe weekend ni aku buat :P :P :P :P

reen% said...

korang niih mmg tahap gila babas..makin mantap..makin power...
respect ya' all so deep in passion with ur works...

waa kenal korang maser kat art gallery dulu2..korang niih as in (zid+aimo+eisu)
fuh..mmg korang makin maju sunggoh..

-JiVe- said...


U sure u drew this? hahaha ^^;;;

Coz it doesnt look like ur art for some strange reason. Keep this up! I like this style :D

Hanie said...

zid: I don't really like Kirsten Dunst as MJ - it wasn't really MJ as I imagined, and her big face disturbed me GAH

I'll send u an OniYon piccie as reference yo

jeff: Naw, my evil twin drew this. it's hard to know when she'll pop out XD