(2003) YON GUMIX #1
(2004) YON GUMIX #2
(2007) YONGUMIX #3
(2007) YON GUMIX #3

Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Look (?)

Hey guys. I customized to the blog since it's likely to be the official site for Yon Gumi :P If any of you have scans or soft copies of Yongumix from issue #1 to the latest, do let me know. We can have our past issues on the sidebar. Even if it's just the covers.

The blue drop-shadow/outline on the Yon Gumi header is sort of to show our process of using blue lead to draw prior to inking and screentoning our comics. Hope the screentone dots on the background isn't too trippy.
Feel free to edit anything you feel like!

1) In other news, as you know I have completed the crazy load of 200 pages of Dark Hunger for Penguin. I'm not in the position of power to change the cover art though. The book will be released on October 2nd, 2007...

2) I... had too much free time today.. So... I did some pixel mugshots.. I'll take it down if I start to decorate this place like my own blog!!!!


-JiVe- said...

Eh? It's missing Hanie's and Laine's Mug shots XD hahaha The pixel art looks great man! Get cracking on the rest :D

Zid said...

Laine and Hanie's will be up by this weekend! I promise! Kerja ni... aihh.. balik rumah je nak tido!